Monday, 28 September 2015

Crow and the Scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a kind scarecrow who spent day and night alone in a field. He looked very scary with a deadly grin on his face and hay tied around his body. None of the birds or little animals came close to him in fear. He felt lonely all the time.

He decided to come out of the field. He got his feet off the ground and started walking towards a distant jungle, thinking that he may get a friend to talk to. All the little birds who came on his way were frightened to see the scarecrow and flew away in fear. The scarecrow was very disappointed. Finally on the branch of a tree, he saw Pinku, the brave crow, who never got scared of anything in this world.

“Would you be my friend” Asked the scarecrow.  
 “Yes, why not? But you will have to help me in scaring away Sippy, the wicked fox who troubles me and my friends all the time” Said Pinku.

Sippy chases all birds away whenever they try to fly down to the ground. Because of Sippy all the birds had to sit on the branches of trees.

“You don’t have to worry about Sippy anymore” Said the scarecrow.

Pinku, flew down to ground. As usual, Sippy fox came running to chase away Pinku.  But all of a sudden, the scarecrow walked toward Sippy with heavy steps. Looking at the terrifying face and weird body of the scare crow, Sippy started trembling.

The scarecrow said “Sippy, I’ll kill you if you try to chase away the poor birds in the forest again”. Sippy said sorry to Pinku and ran away. He never had the courage to trouble the birds in the forest again.

Since then, the scarecrow was never alone. All the time he was surrounded by Pinku and all other birds in the jungle.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kimi Kangaroo's Pouch

Tickku tortoise was very fascinated by the way Kimi Kangaroo hops and moves very fast. Tickku wanted to move very fast like her. But like any other tortoise, poor Tickku could only crawl very slowly.

Tickku approached Kimi, and asked her what the secret of her swiftness is. Kimi thought of playing a trick on Tickku. She said, the pouch she has on her stomach is not just to carry her baby, but to store a lot of energy that helps her to hop and move fast. She said, tortoises do not have this pouch, and that is why they are not able to move fast.

Kimi suggested a remedy. She came with a needle and a piece of cloth. She said she can stitch a pouch on Ticcku’s stomach and he can store lot of energy in it. Once he gets the pouch he will be jumping, hoping and moving fast like a Kangaroo.

Tickku got scared looking at the needle. He moved away in fear.