Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kimi Kangaroo's Pouch

Tickku tortoise was very fascinated by the way Kimi Kangaroo hops and moves very fast. Tickku wanted to move very fast like her. But like any other tortoise, poor Tickku could only crawl very slowly.

Tickku approached Kimi, and asked her what the secret of her swiftness is. Kimi thought of playing a trick on Tickku. She said, the pouch she has on her stomach is not just to carry her baby, but to store a lot of energy that helps her to hop and move fast. She said, tortoises do not have this pouch, and that is why they are not able to move fast.

Kimi suggested a remedy. She came with a needle and a piece of cloth. She said she can stitch a pouch on Ticcku’s stomach and he can store lot of energy in it. Once he gets the pouch he will be jumping, hoping and moving fast like a Kangaroo.

Tickku got scared looking at the needle. He moved away in fear. 

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