Monday, 7 April 2014

The Little Chick Learned to Fly

And the day has come… Peeku bird was too excited to see her little one, cracking the egg shell and coming out of it in her nest. It was a cute little chick with soft yellow fur.

Peeku wanted her baby to learn flying and move freely in the sky, just like other birds. But the chick was too lazy to fly. It did not want to come out of its cosy nest. It did not even try to fly once.

“Oh my little baby. Why don’t you try to come out of the nest” asked the Peeku.

The little bird thought that the world is just the dense leaves surrounding its nest. And there is nothing else to see and enjoy outside.

She said “ Mom, I don’t want to fly, I want to spend the whole day sitting inside the nest”

Peeku wanted to inspire the little one. To make her realize that there is much to see and enjoy in the world, she pecked off the leaves from the thick tree crown and made a hole. Through the hole, the little one saw vast blue sky, green trees, and birds flying in the sky and enjoying the sunny day. The little bird got excited to see the new world around her and learned flying quickly.

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