Monday, 28 September 2015

Crow and the Scarecrow

Once upon a time, there was a kind scarecrow who spent day and night alone in a field. He looked very scary with a deadly grin on his face and hay tied around his body. None of the birds or little animals came close to him in fear. He felt lonely all the time.

He decided to come out of the field. He got his feet off the ground and started walking towards a distant jungle, thinking that he may get a friend to talk to. All the little birds who came on his way were frightened to see the scarecrow and flew away in fear. The scarecrow was very disappointed. Finally on the branch of a tree, he saw Pinku, the brave crow, who never got scared of anything in this world.

“Would you be my friend” Asked the scarecrow.  
 “Yes, why not? But you will have to help me in scaring away Sippy, the wicked fox who troubles me and my friends all the time” Said Pinku.

Sippy chases all birds away whenever they try to fly down to the ground. Because of Sippy all the birds had to sit on the branches of trees.

“You don’t have to worry about Sippy anymore” Said the scarecrow.

Pinku, flew down to ground. As usual, Sippy fox came running to chase away Pinku.  But all of a sudden, the scarecrow walked toward Sippy with heavy steps. Looking at the terrifying face and weird body of the scare crow, Sippy started trembling.

The scarecrow said “Sippy, I’ll kill you if you try to chase away the poor birds in the forest again”. Sippy said sorry to Pinku and ran away. He never had the courage to trouble the birds in the forest again.

Since then, the scarecrow was never alone. All the time he was surrounded by Pinku and all other birds in the jungle.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Kimi Kangaroo's Pouch

Tickku tortoise was very fascinated by the way Kimi Kangaroo hops and moves very fast. Tickku wanted to move very fast like her. But like any other tortoise, poor Tickku could only crawl very slowly.

Tickku approached Kimi, and asked her what the secret of her swiftness is. Kimi thought of playing a trick on Tickku. She said, the pouch she has on her stomach is not just to carry her baby, but to store a lot of energy that helps her to hop and move fast. She said, tortoises do not have this pouch, and that is why they are not able to move fast.

Kimi suggested a remedy. She came with a needle and a piece of cloth. She said she can stitch a pouch on Ticcku’s stomach and he can store lot of energy in it. Once he gets the pouch he will be jumping, hoping and moving fast like a Kangaroo.

Tickku got scared looking at the needle. He moved away in fear. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Little Chick Learned to Fly

And the day has come… Peeku bird was too excited to see her little one, cracking the egg shell and coming out of it in her nest. It was a cute little chick with soft yellow fur.

Peeku wanted her baby to learn flying and move freely in the sky, just like other birds. But the chick was too lazy to fly. It did not want to come out of its cosy nest. It did not even try to fly once.

“Oh my little baby. Why don’t you try to come out of the nest” asked the Peeku.

The little bird thought that the world is just the dense leaves surrounding its nest. And there is nothing else to see and enjoy outside.

She said “ Mom, I don’t want to fly, I want to spend the whole day sitting inside the nest”

Peeku wanted to inspire the little one. To make her realize that there is much to see and enjoy in the world, she pecked off the leaves from the thick tree crown and made a hole. Through the hole, the little one saw vast blue sky, green trees, and birds flying in the sky and enjoying the sunny day. The little bird got excited to see the new world around her and learned flying quickly.

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Wise Lion King

Animals of Jinpin Jungle were very lucky to get the kindest Lion king. He didn't kill any animal, not even for food! He also insisted all wild animals like tigers, leopards, cheetahs and bears not to kill poor animals. So all carnivorans lived in the jungle, eating fruits, leaves and vegetables. Deers, rabbits and other prey animals roamed freely in the jungle without fear. But the happiness did not last long. 

One day a cruel hunter came into the jungle. He shot all the animals that came on his way. He started coming to the jungle everyday for hunting. The Lion king could not see dead animals lying in a pool of blood. He didn't want to let this continue and put the lives of all animals in danger.

He called his assistants bear and tiger to plot a plan to kill the hunter. But, despite being strong, bear and tiger could not even think of approaching the hunter as he carried a very dangerous metallic gun all the time. The king had to think of a trick. He was sure that the hunter will enter into the jungle the next day morning. He asked all animals to hide inside their homes. He along with his assistants went to the hunter’s entry road and hung a big magnet by tying a rope across the road. All three of them hid themselves inside a nearby bush.

Hours passed... As expected the hunter came, carrying the metallic gun on back of his shoulder. The moment he reached beneath the hung magnet, the gun got pulled swiftly towards it. The very next moment, the tiger and bear jumped onto the hunter and killed him. From then, all animals lived peacefully in Jinpin jungle.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cheekku..The Kind Bird

Cheekku, a little bird, wanted to make a nest. She went to a big green tree and asked “Can I make a nest on your branch?”

The tree was very happy to give space on its branch. Cheekku made a nice nest on its branch. The thick crown of the tree kept Cheekku and her nest safe and sound even in strong wind, heavy rain and hot sun rays.

One day, the tree said. “Look Cheekku, a bird hunter is coming this way. You hide in my leaves quickly”

The frightened Cheekku hid inside the thick leaves and managed to escape from the hunter. 

The happy Cheekku said “Thank you my friend. You saved my life. I’ll surely help you when you are in need”.

Days passed.. One day, a wood cutter came that way and started to cut the tree with an ax. Cheekku wanted to help the tree. But she could not do anything. The wood cutter cut the tree and took its branches away. The sad Cheekku looked at the stump of the cut tree, helplessly.

The stump said. “Cheekku… I’m still alive… give me some water.”

Cheekku went to the nearby river and started to make a narrow channel towards the stump using its claws. Water started to flow slowly towards the stump. Cheekku eagerly waited to see the tree growing again. Green leaves started to bloom on the stump and soon it became a little tree. Cheekku made a nest again on its branch and lived happily.

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Monday, 12 August 2013

The Wicked Alien

One day, a giant alien – as big as the Earth – entered the solar system in a flying saucer to do something wrong. All planets wondered who the giant alien is. Why did he come to the solar system? The alien was roaming here and there, staring at each planet for some time. 

All planets stopped spinning and started to watch the alien carefully. They were scared of the Alien because he was looking so wicked. Little planets Mercury and Venus ran away in fear.

All of a sudden the alien turned its flying saucer towards planet Earth. He said “this planet seems like a really interesting toy for me to play! The blue and green colors are cute. I can roll it like a ball, I can splash the water flowing on its surface, I can bully the little animals roaming in the green forests, I can break the big towers built on its land. And it is not too big like Jupiter or too tiny like Mercury. Wow! I can have a lot of fun with this planet”.

A very big net started coming out from the flying saucer to capture the Earth. The Earth started shivering in fear. The biggest planet Jupiter asked all other planets to encircle the alien. He asked the much powerful planet Saturn to destroy the flying saucer and chase away the alien. Saturn with its ring became a beyblade and hit the flying saucer with a bang. Yes.. The flying saucer is broken into pieces. The Alien flew away from the solar system. Earth thanked Saturn and other planets for saving it from the Alien.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peacock with a Pink Tail

Pichu - the little peachick –heard a lot about rain, clouds, thunder and rainbows from his mom. “Monsoon will come and you can feel the rain drops, hear the thunder and you know, you may also get a chance to see beautiful rainbow in the sky.” Said his mom.

“Rain bow? What is it like?” asked Pichu. He did not have any idea on the shape, colors, and size of a rainbow. His mom said “It has seven colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!! You will start dancing when you see it in the sky”

Months passed. Pichu grew up a little and his beautiful tail also grew with him. He eagerly waited for Monsoon. Finally the rainy season came. He saw dark clouds in the sky… He heard loud thunder… He felt rain drops falling on his body. But he was not happy enough to open his tail wide and dance. He wanted to see the rainbow. 

He prayed “Oh Rain God, Please show me a rainbow today.” The Rain God thought of making Pichu happy. He created a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Pichu looked at it with great excitement and screamed, “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet… yes… as mamma told it has all the seven colors” He thanked Rain God and asked one more wish. “Hey Rain God, just like this rainbow, could you make my tail a little more colorful?”

Rain God said… “Sure, I’ll make your tail look pink in color” Pichu liked that color a lot. Soon the color of his tail turned pink. He opened his pink tail wide and danced in rain.