Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The King-less Jungle

All the jungles had a king, but the Chingal Jungle was a king-less jungle. Do you know why the animals of this jungle did not have a King? Because the last king of the jungle – very old Laury lion - wanted a very powerful successor. Before dying, he kept his crown deep in a cave. He asked a dangerous dragon and a fire demon to guard the crown. 

 He called all animals for the last time and said “The most capable animal of the Jungle has to become the King. He has to fight with the dragon and fire demon and get the crown himself. Until we find that animal, Chingal will be a King-less jungle”.

Laury died. All the animals who tried to get the crown were defeated fiercely by the dragon and demon. They stopped trying to get the crown.

The jungle remained King-less for a longtime. Since there was no King to control the animals, all the animals fought with each other. No one lived peacefully in that jungle. Finally, all the animals got together to suggest the right person, who can defeat the dragon and demon.

They convinced Goru gorilla to try once. All animals liked him a lot. He was the most powerful and loyal animal of the jungle.

Finally Goru said. “Ok, if you all want me to do that I’ll give a try”. He gathered all his strength and started his Crown hunt attempt. He first had a fight with the fire demon. He jumped over the fire and hit him strongly with his leg. The demon was dead. Then came the dragon. Goru jumped and hung on a hanging rope and thrashed the dragon to death. He managed to reach the place where the Crown was kept. He wore the crown and came out winning.

All the animals celebrated Goru’s victory. Soon he became the King of the Jungle and ruled the jungle very well.

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