Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cheekku..The Kind Bird

Cheekku, a little bird, wanted to make a nest. She went to a big green tree and asked “Can I make a nest on your branch?”

The tree was very happy to give space on its branch. Cheekku made a nice nest on its branch. The thick crown of the tree kept Cheekku and her nest safe and sound even in strong wind, heavy rain and hot sun rays.

One day, the tree said. “Look Cheekku, a bird hunter is coming this way. You hide in my leaves quickly”

The frightened Cheekku hid inside the thick leaves and managed to escape from the hunter. 

The happy Cheekku said “Thank you my friend. You saved my life. I’ll surely help you when you are in need”.

Days passed.. One day, a wood cutter came that way and started to cut the tree with an ax. Cheekku wanted to help the tree. But she could not do anything. The wood cutter cut the tree and took its branches away. The sad Cheekku looked at the stump of the cut tree, helplessly.

The stump said. “Cheekku… I’m still alive… give me some water.”

Cheekku went to the nearby river and started to make a narrow channel towards the stump using its claws. Water started to flow slowly towards the stump. Cheekku eagerly waited to see the tree growing again. Green leaves started to bloom on the stump and soon it became a little tree. Cheekku made a nest again on its branch and lived happily.

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