Monday, 12 August 2013

The Wicked Alien

One day, a giant alien – as big as the Earth – entered the solar system in a flying saucer to do something wrong. All planets wondered who the giant alien is. Why did he come to the solar system? The alien was roaming here and there, staring at each planet for some time. 

All planets stopped spinning and started to watch the alien carefully. They were scared of the Alien because he was looking so wicked. Little planets Mercury and Venus ran away in fear.

All of a sudden the alien turned its flying saucer towards planet Earth. He said “this planet seems like a really interesting toy for me to play! The blue and green colors are cute. I can roll it like a ball, I can splash the water flowing on its surface, I can bully the little animals roaming in the green forests, I can break the big towers built on its land. And it is not too big like Jupiter or too tiny like Mercury. Wow! I can have a lot of fun with this planet”.

A very big net started coming out from the flying saucer to capture the Earth. The Earth started shivering in fear. The biggest planet Jupiter asked all other planets to encircle the alien. He asked the much powerful planet Saturn to destroy the flying saucer and chase away the alien. Saturn with its ring became a beyblade and hit the flying saucer with a bang. Yes.. The flying saucer is broken into pieces. The Alien flew away from the solar system. Earth thanked Saturn and other planets for saving it from the Alien.