Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jelly’s Day Out

Jelly was a little mermaid, who lived deep in the sea with her mom and dad. She was very bored of the deep sea life. She could see only sea animals and corals under the sea. One day she asked her parents “Mamma and Papa, can I go out near the sea shore to see a lot of new things around?” Her mamma and papa allowed her to go to the beach during the day time and asked her to come back before it gets dark.

She wore colorful new cloths and combed her hair well. She looked so beautiful. She swam all the way to the beach.

It was a sunny day. Jelly saw a lot of new things like a palm tree and mushrooms on the shore. A balloon was waiting for people to get into it through the steps and take them to the sky to enjoy the surrounding view. Jelly thought..."How nice it would be to take a balloon ride in the sky... Oh.. but I can't go in the air... I'm a mermaid". 

Jelly started looking around. There was a colorful umbrella in the beach. Jelly was very happy to see the beach for the first time. She played there till the evening and went back to her parents when the sun was about to set. She thought one day she will take her mom and dad to see the wonderful scene of the beach.

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