Monday, 10 June 2013

Little Ganesha’s Birthday

Birthday of little Ganesha was nearing. Ganesha and his dad Lord Shiva sat together and made a lot of plans to celebrate his birthday. He invited all Gods for the grand party, arranged at Kailash.

On the day, he wore new cloths and got ready for the party. But he was very sad. He felt he looked very plain that day... He wanted to have better hair style, wear some more accessories and carry strong weapons, so that he looks more powerful and attractive. Naughty Ganesha thought of an idea. “Hmmm… I’ll ask my guests to gift me with the lovely accessories that they always wear and weapons that they always carry. None of them will refuse to give it to me if I ask today.. Because it is my birthday today”. The naughty Ganesha clearly planned what to ask from each of the people who would attend the party.

He started with his dad Lord Shiva. Shiva asked him “What do you want from me as your birthday gift?

“I want your hair style, along with rudraksha and crescent moon on it. I’ll look great if you can give me those”. Said Ganesha. Lord Shiva instantly created a stylish jooda and hair accessories and gifted those to little Ganesha. 

Guests started arriving for the party. First one to come for the party was Lord Krishna. He asked little Ganesha. “What do you want from me as the birthday present?” He replied. “It would be great if you can give your mor pankh to me… I’ll look stunning if I wear them today”. Ganesha replied. Lord Krishna gave a few of his mor pankh to him and helped him wear it on his hair. Ganesha also asked Pitambara (the yellow clothing), similar to the one Krishna was wearing. Krishna happily presented him the same. 

Lord Hanuman was the next to reach for the party. He asked Ganesha “What can I present you on your birthday?” Little Ganesha was so fond of his long tail and the Gada that he always carried. Hanuman instantly created a new tail and Gada for Ganesha and gifted him.

The last one to come was Sri Maha Kali. Ganesha wanted the sword from her, just to make him look more powerful. She was happy to present him the same. 

Wearing all the accessories and carrying all the weapons that he got as gifts from other Gods, little Ganesha looked great on his birthday. The happy Ganesha thanked everyone. He gave great feast to all the guests and treated them nicely with laddoos.

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